Emergency Refuge Chambers


Emergency Refuge Chambers are one of the main products for the mining industry for the emergency situations. They are designed to provide immediate sheltering and breathable air, in case an emergency situation occurs and air quality in the working environment is damaged. Emergency Refuge Chamber inquiries can be contracted on turnkey basis by APCON® in order to provide all the required services from a single source. Please contact us for further information about our turnkey capabilities.

  • Designed with battery and air back-up in addition to the mine’s main electrical and HVAC connections.
  • Are designed as air-tight heavy duty fully welded structures and offers robust & permanent solutions.
  • Designed complete with air-lock entry, air filtration, lighting, drinking water and food, chemical toilet, seating & storage areas, fire extinguishers, emergency escape hatch.
  • Can be tailor-made to fit client specifications, various international codes and standards.