Substation & Electrical Control Rooms


Substation & Electrical Control Rooms are factory integrated and tested compact electrical cabins mainly for the project solutions of oil & gas and mining industries. The cabins are made up of different kinds of containerized building solutions in accordance with the project requirements for the protection of equipment in harsh environment. Substation & Electrical Control Room inquiries can be contracted on turnkey basis by APCON® in order to provide all the required services from a single source. Please contact us for further information about our turnkey capabilities.

  • Can be designed for switchgears, transformers, motor control center (MCC), HVAC, UPS, generator, building management and control systems, instrument houses, local equipment rooms, local operation rooms etc.
  • Can be designed as reinforced containers, heavy-duty fully welded containers or standard containerized units.
  • Can be designed as stand-alone units or coupled units to form larger buildings.
  • Can be utilized with raised platform structures complete with stairs and railings.
  • Can be designed with forklift pockets as an additional handling alternative.
  • The complete engineered solution is controlled, tested and pre-commissioned within the factory to save time and prevent possible problems on remote sites.
  • As the units are ready assembled all electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, HVAC works and finishing works etc. can be finalized at factory conditions.
  • Are heavy duty structures and offers permanent building solutions.
  • Offers high load bearing capacity suitable for housing heavy machinery & equipment.
  • Utilizes internal ALUFORM® sandwich panels manufactured by continuous lines with coil coated galvanized steel exterior skin to ensure excellent quality for structural, thermal and acoustic integrity.
  • The sandwich panels have been engineered to eliminate cold bridging.
  • Engineered to resist local conditions including extreme high and low temperatures, humidity, sand storms, wind & snow loads etc.
  • Can be tailor-made to fit client specifications, various international codes and standards.